Friday, June 27, 2008

RIP Flash (1/4/98-6/27/08)

This morning, one of my buddies who I've lived with for more than half my life passed on. His name was Flash, he was my dog, but all-in-all, he was one of the friendly and happiest creatures I've ever met. I'm gonna miss the guy a lot, but it sure helps to think of all the hilarious, joy-bringing things he did in his life. Like bringing back a dead snake once to scare the hell out of my mom. Or when he was a puppy and had never been to a pond before, dunking his head in the water and being freaked out when he pulled his head out because he had never been in the water before. He lived a great life and I think pretty much everyone who knew him can attest to that.

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Ben said...

I've known Flash for almost as long as I've known Colin, since around the 7th grade. Losing Flash is like losing a regular old friend. He was one hell of a dog. Rest in peace boy.