Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ice on Mars

First, big ups to The Hold Steady for their 88 score on review-compiler MetaCritic. They've been my favorite rock 'n' roll band since last summer, so it's nice to see them getting the respect they deserve with this unanimous critical acclaim.

In crazier news, this story broke about a month ago, but I just found out about it today and thought it was really cool: Scientists Find Water on Mars

Scientists have found ice beneath the surface of Mars, beneath the planet's dusty surface. They have expected to find ice there for years, but this confirmation is nonetheless a major discovery. They also have yet to find out what other sort of chemicals or components might be in the water. It doesn't sound like the sort of stuff I'd want to melt down and drink out of a Welch's jelly glass.

It's pretty crazy though to think that Mars could be a potential second home to the human race if we blow it here on Earth. Scientists have found that Mars has an alkaline soil, which could potentially also sustain the growth of many plants (many places on Earth have alkaline soil).

I guess what I'm getting at is, do NOT watch this movie. It sucks.


Ben said...

What about this movie?

Tom said...

Colin I'm sorry but the only experience I have with the hold steady was of their opening for explosions in the sky. They played for too long. Their songs were way too obnoxious, going off on this whacky story teller i don't even know...point of it was I listen to some pretty inasecable and abrassive music but this is just something I can't understand.

i took way too big a swig on the haterade i'm sorry

thinking of you,


Colin said...

I'd like to point out that the Hold Steady is a terrible opener for Explosions. Two bands on complete opposite ends of the spectrum (lyric-driven rock and instrumental post-rock).

They're definitely not for everyone and I probably wouldn't have liked them if I had seen them live before I heard any of their records. Craig Finn can tend to talk more than he sings and you definitely get more from it if you know the songs ahead of time. I guess the main kick I get from them is that I think Finn can write as well as anyone in rock for the past decade and his songs are pretty relatable to people our age.